Bits and Pieces …

Bits and Pieces …

What Else Can You Do?

First came the metal detectors, then the scanners, then the shoes off, then liquids in a separate bag and yes, even gender/racial profiling of passengers. But after it came out the co-pilot – supposedly okay upstairs and one of us – brought that German airliner down in the Alps, with the pilot who had left to take a leak locked out of the cockpit by the very security gizmos meant to protect us, what the fuck else can you do??

Have a pina colada on the beach and your last fuck before you drive to the airport, that’s what.

A Pic Is Worth a Thousand Words

I was flipping through our weekly gay rags and it stood out like a Trimix-injected dick at our male strip club, Swingin’ Richards. There were pics of Miami’s notorious White Party which generated a record one million dollars for the AIDS Task Force, about the same amount of drugs that went up participants’ noses or in their veins, and just about everybody in those pics was buffed, lasered and young – definitely under 40. Three pages later were pics of those who participated in the South Florida AIDS Walk – all gray, wrinkled and over 40.

Does that tell you something about the Great Generational Divide not just in age but in thinking this “community’s” got going on??

Distracted Cruising

Seems distracted driving – mostly texting while driving – is the number one killer of teens in the U.S. I’m sure adults won’t be far behind. But when it comes to their smartphones, gay boys hold the record for distracted cruising. Instead of gawking at all the pecs on the beach, in the gym, or the bars like the old days, bois are staring at their phones, no doubt, searching for Mister Hot One on one of the GPS driven phone apps.

I saw one guy just today at Crunch who did absolutely nothing but pace around the gym for an hour, babbling on his phone. But the topper was the twink I spied a few months ago bobbing in the ocean off Lauderdale’s gay beach, yep, on his friggen penal substitute.

Some enterprising cellphone manufacturer should make a model in the shape of a dildo – that way the boys could store it up their ass, ear plug hanging out of their hole, Goggle glasses on so they could see their would-be suitor’s profile, and vibrator mode set way up.

Who’d need the real thing then?

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