The Indiana Mess

It isn’t just Indiana’s since a number of states are contemplating or have already passed similar laws.

But why are both mainstream and gay media making it just a gay thing? What’s stopping a business that, say, is Jewish from barring Catholic or Muslim customers, or vs. versa (i.e., nineteen thirties’ Nazi Germany), or discriminate against Mormons or biracial couples, or Asians because some practice Buddhism? I mean where would it stop? The discrimination lottery has as many permutations as a Vegas slot. And many of the businesses behind this nonsense are politically Republican. Is this how the Grand Old Party is trying to show us they’re more “inclusive?”

Thank God for Wal-Mart. For all its warts, Wal-Mart, which just so happens is Arkansas’s largest employer – its world headquarters are based there – basically told its state legislature contemplating a similar law to shove it

I worked at a Catholic health care system but as a Protestant did not believe in many of its views, particularly when it came to abortion. But when I had my ID card on, I towed the company line. And when the City and State of New York that held multimillion dollar mental health contracts with Catholic facilities demanded the inclusion of an anti-gay discrimination clause in its contracts going forward, the Archbishop balked, but did a back pedal when the City and State threatened to transfer those contracts to non-sectarian entities.

Which brings me to a point I’ve made before and will say again: Businesses, especially if they out to make a profit, are secular enterprises. If you want to wave the Separation of Church and State card in front of me, stop taking all the business deductions on your federal tax returns.

You can’t have it both ways.

P.S. There are plenty of other places who would just love my Disney dollars.

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