Take My Poll: Should You Trust Him?

Take My Poll: Should You Trust Him?

A recently released study, completed by the Aussies, (what better place to do a study on gay sex than in the Land of the Hotties?) which involved sexually active gay men from Down Under, Asia and Brazil, says that there is no – not slight – but no chance that a negative guy can get HIV from a poz partner. That is, IF the partner’s viral load, in the verbiage of the hook-up profiles, is “undetectable.”

This study’s findings match those of a study conducted by the Brits which followed couples in 14 European countries. In both studies, the men did not use condoms and the HIV negative partner was not on Truvada or any of the highly toated pre or post-exposure prophylaxis. Over 30,000 sex acts (were those boys busy!) revealed ZERO transmission. The poz guys have been on antiviral meds for at least five years and ninety percent had healthy T-cell counts.

Okay, so if you’re neg and you like, really like a poz guy online whose profile says his viral load is “undetectable,” should you bareback, which as I’ve said in previous blogs is making a comeback, not only in the privacy of the bedroom but the public arena of gay porn.

I mean, should you believe him? I’d like to hear from you on this.

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