Interesting Results on Monday’s Poll: Should You Trust Him?

Interesting Results on Monday’s Poll: Should You Trust Him?

Monday, I talked about several recent studies which indicated, pretty conclusively, that there’s none, not even a slight chance, that a HIV negative guy can get HIV from a poz partner IF the partner’s viral load, is “undetectable.”

Now I have to say from the get-go, the vast majority of my respondents were over 40 so these results reflect the behavior of older gay men.

On the question, “Do you bareback,” 46% said yes, and 30% responded most of the time. Juxtapose this to the next question, “Does the sex not happen if you or the other guy wants to bareback and you or the other guy wants to play it safe or does one of you usually give in to the other’s wishes?” where 2 out of 3 said somebody would give in. (Given hormones and lust, I wonder who.)

Mixed results in a sub-culture which has kept preaching use of condoms for over thirty years.

Yet there remains some stigma against poz guys since 40% of neg guys claim they only play with other neg guys; 30% say they don’t give a shit.

While most poz respondents claim they disclose their status to their would-be bed partner, most neg guys say they would not fuck with a poz guy with an undetectable viral load on the first date, but 1 out of 3 said might on the second once they got to know the guy.

My conclusion: the “safe sex” world is not as solid as we like to think it is.

So where do you fall, huh, buddy?

2 thoughts on “Interesting Results on Monday’s Poll: Should You Trust Him?

  1. Floyd

    One thing your survey didn’t ask was if we were on PrEP. I am and i’m almost 60. I know quite a few other guys like me in their 50’s also on PrEP. And we know that when we take our meds every day that the chance of seroconverting is virtually nil, regardless of the status of the guy or guys we are fucking. And we are willing to accept that infinitessimal chance, since the only foolproof absolutely safe sex is no sex. So the question is did not asking about PrEP have any effect on the results of the survey? The freedom from PrEP has sure changed mine from several years ago.

    1. Thanks for your note Floyd.The second of the studies mentioned that the negative guys were not on a preventive. Ive done a few blogs about Truvada which I assume is like PrEP, and the important thing for it to work, you need to be compliant like you. The problem with Truvada is even in its trial studies, participants weren’t.

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