Hillary or Marco? Who Do YOU Think?

Hillary or Marco? Who Do YOU Think?

The supposed darling of us gay boys has been getting lambasted lately in, of all places, the gay media, for her very ungay stances on marriage and the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policies of her hubby Billy Bob while she was First Lady.

Now they accuse her of being “politically expedient” for changing her views and welcoming us with open arms.

So what? Isn’t every politician “politically expedient?”

Would you rather have Marco Rubio (though I admit he’d be cuter to look at), who’s gaining more traction every day, and who’s attempting to make nice with the gay branch of the GOP, the Log Cabin Republicans, by saying while he’s not against gay marriage, he still believes marriage should be between the opposite sexes? Huh? What the fuck is that? Political double speak? Plus he feels that gay marriage is a state’s rights which should be left up to the voters or their legislators, not the courts. So if Rubio was running back in 1955 instead of 2015, Alabama and Mississippi would have the right to uphold their Jim Crow laws. Hmm.

At the same time, I found the parting paragraph in an editorial that ran in one of Lauderdale’s gay weeklies just a bit presumptuous. It read:

“Ultimately, regardless of any other campaign pledges and positions…. it will be same-sex and LGBT issues which will decide the outcome of the Presidential race.”

Come on guys, let’s get real here. Gay marriage, abortion, and gun control may be important issues, but they’re peripheral to the much larger ones affecting all of us. Like our still lagging economy which needs to create more high quality, good paying jobs, not more minimum wage ones for both ends of the age spectrum: the young who can’t find work, and the old who got fucked in the last recession. I know three over fifty buddies looking for work right now.

Or making sure our kids graduate high school knowing how to read and write, and do math without taking their shoes off. And are trained to take on the twenty-first century hi tech jobs that right now go begging, not dream of being on “The Voice.”

Or having somebody with steel balls in the White House (even if he’s a she) to deal with ISIS in a no bullshit way.

I mean if you need a job and the candidate who you think can help you get that job is against gay marriage, would you pass them up for the chance at matching diamond-studded cock rings?

Huh? Would you?

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