Another Beach Bear Weekend Coming Up in Sunny Fort Lauderdale May 6-11

Another Beach Bear Weekend Coming Up in Sunny Fort Lauderdale May 6-11

And bears certainly come in all sizes, from the rotund to the muscled, from towering Sequoias to short fuckers like me. Maybe I’m old school, but I think the one common identifying trait that links us all is fur.

Either we got it or we want it.

Now you know and I know not all guys like fur on their bedmates, even many furry guys, and despite all the five o’clock shadows on the models in GQ or some TV series lead, for some guys, even furry guys, there is this compulsion or societal pressure to shave or even permanently laser it all off. Why? So their hard earned muscles show up better, they’re hotter or think they’re hotter to the objects of their desire, or maybe because they just want to feel like a prepubescent boy again.

A hot German guy I made it with while he was on vacation down here in Lauderdale had shaved his body to fit in with everybody else back home but loved furry guys like me.

Go figure.

A few weekends ago, my partner and I hit Swinging Richards, the male strip club here in Lauderdale, one last time before he returned to our summer home in the boonies of PA. Now he’s got his favorites and I got mine. Like Dominick, a nicely built Latin with his cap on backwards in bad boy style who, trying to woo me back to a VIP room for a “private dance” that would cost my Visa card a hundred and fifty bucks for 15 minutes, dropped his shorts to show off his furry, furry butt that was just four inches away from my tongue. He knew I was a hairy guy, judging by my tank top and figured – correctly – if I was going to pay for it, fur was my preference.

As he pointed out, “I’m the only one with a hairy ass.” And he was right. In fact, every guy, every hunk on that stage, humpy and beautiful as just about every one of them was, were hairless like their bodies had been buffed by a polisher. Is that what the masses really want?

So be it. Maybe I’m a member of some outlier class, but I think fur is very sensual, and while you can always take it off, you can’t put it on.

BTW, my response to Dominick’s advances was simple, though a joke: “Sorry, bro, I’m a rentboy and tonight’s my night off.”

To which he responded before moving on to his next prey: “Gee, I gotta try that sometime.”

For more info on our hot weekend coming up, check out

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