So What’s Your Favorite Phone App?

So What’s your Favorite Phone App?

It looks like the new boys in town, GPS driven phone apps like Scruff, Growl’r and Grindr, are giving the old standbys like Manhunt or Adam4Adam a run for their money. (The old timers have even set up mobile versions to compete.)

For me Scruff has proven the most successful, maybe because I’m looking for regular guys and as one columnist in our local gay weekly, “Agenda,” put it, Scruff “appeals to males … who have a niche taste for masculine men.” I’ve also used it to stay in touch or get reacquainted, you might say, with old fuck buddies like my favorite stud who belongs on the cover of “Men’s Fitness.”

A close second is Grindr, though I must confess too many young guys – 19, 22, 24 –I mean YOUNG – who look like their pubic hairs are still growing in, have been hitting me up there of late. It’s not that I ain’t flattered or wouldn’t go with a guy old enough to be my grandson; it’s that, frankly, I don’t trust any of these sites or apps when it comes to the age a guy gives, old or young. Especially the young ones. I think you all heard about that predator ex-weatherman who sexted a guy he thought was 18 but turned out to be underage. He‘s now in prison.

Growl’r, which caters to bears (mostly overweight, middle age men who happen to be gay) and actual hairy hunks, has helped me connect with a few hotties. But the vast majority of hits are from countries I never heard 4,376 miles away from guys who want to see my “private pictures” even if all they have up is a pic of themselves grocery shopping. For a while it was fun exchanging hot pics with some hairy Middle East or Mid West buddy, but after my data usage on my Samsung Galaxy II went through the roof, I’m think twice now before I press “Unlock photos.” Plus there’s a lot of “Shout out” ad spam clutter from the local bars with their beer busts or real estate agents or massage therapists.

So are you a phone app user? And which ones ring your chimes? I wanna hear from you.

Complete the rest of my survey if you do use phone apps.

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