The Results of My Poll on Phone Apps: Scruff Reigns!

The Results of My Poll on Phone Apps: Scruff Reigns!

On Friday, I posted a poll asking you whether you use any of these sprouting phone apps that seem to be taking over the web hook-up world.

Seventy percent of you who voted are addicted to the phone apps like I am. No surprise. It’s a hell of a lot more convenient to check who loves you on something you can carry around everywhere than have to wait till you’re at your laptop. (I’ve got my smartphone set-up to check the traditional sites like Manhunt and bear411 at the same time.) It used to be guys would pull on their dicks – now they just pull out their smartphone. The problem is the addiction is getting out of hand, and instead of using their gym work-out time for, well, working out, or googling at the eye candy on the beach or in the bar, they’re petting on their surrogate penis.

As for the most popular hook-up app, six out of ten of you voted for Scruff. Grindr was a distant second and Grow’r barely made the charts.

Interestingly, and I’m happy to see this, the majority of you said you used the phone apps to actually connect with a guy for real, not just exchange pics to bust a nut. So maybe the contemporary gay scene ain’t gonna to tech hell after all. I sure hope not. Hey, I don’t put myself above getting off on a guy from Dubai at 2 in the morning on a Tuesday, but nothing beats some hands-on fun with a guy in your bedroom.

Wednesday: Another Installment of my gay advice column,“Go Ask Daddy.” This week’s issue: “We’ve been together almost two years and, well, the sex has gotten boring … We are co-signers on our apartment lease and own Dexter, our dog and have a lot else in common. Should we just split? I love him but I’m getting increasingly frustrated and I know he’s not the type for an open relationship.”

By the way, Beach Bear weekend also starts here in Fort Lauderdale on Wednesday. I’ve had a lot of you coming into town saying you wanna connect – let’s see how many of you actually do after you get to the host hotel’s clothing optional pool and guys are as plentiful as half price chocolate bunnies the day after Easter.

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