Being A Pig Ain’t All Fun

Being A Pig Ain’t All Fun

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Sounds like it should be, right? Hey, even you vanilla guys out there, yea, I’m talking to you. Admit it – even you fantasize about playing a pig now and again even if that’s not your regular scene. After all, pig play is gay porn for real.

Torn jockstraps and worn work boots, and maybe some rebel boy baseball caps. Or leather boots and leather jocks. Sweaty bodies (hairy preferable) sandwiched together. Sniffin’ and lickin’ smelly pits. Nibblin’ on those tits. Sniffin’ and tonguing a guy’s package, hidden away under some jock til you whip his hard, rising cock from underneath and swallow it while you tug or switch your tongue to his big bull balls. Smelling and tonguing his butt crack up close and personal, getting it all sloppy and wet you don’t even need lube to ram his hole. Or maybe even getting into some extreme sex like fisting or kinky shit like bathing you in his piss while your mouth catches the rest.

All while all that dirty talk just spouts out like precum.

But pig sex and being a pig can be whole different worlds. Because being into pig sex is finding guys who like it too or can get into it with a little mentoring, shall we say. And that’s not always easy.

A lot of guys aren’t all that experienced in man-to-man sex and either haven’t had the chance to experiment or meet the right guy to show them the way, or are afraid to cross some imaginary barrier beyond the “you show me yours, I’ll show you mine” or “let’s jerk off” stage. HIV-phobic? Hell, who isn’t these days, but raunchy sex doesn’t have to be anal.

Then there’s those guys who are into the Mr. Clean agenda. In a recent hook-up site poll, respondents ranked “poor hygiene” high on the list of turn-offs when it came to connecting. For them, deodorant, a fresh shower, even cologne are musts (how about a lasered body while you’re at it?). Sorry, but raunch means smelling the guy, not the Ralph Lauren, and the sweatier the better. Hell, being with another pig-minded buddy means turning off the ac or turning up the heat.

That’s why nowadays, when you’re lucky to connect with a like minded raunch guy in between more traditionalist sex partners, it’s nice to hold on to him as long as you can and savor every sweaty pore.

If it were up to me, Arrid would be outlawed.

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