Okay, So What’s Next?

Okay, So What’s Next?

Assuming that next month the Supreme Court makes gay marriage the law of the land, what should be next on the gay agenda?

South Florida Gay News essentially asked that question of a handful of locals. Discrimination on the job, homelessness among LGBT young people came up, certainly noble and legitimate concerns. But only one hit the nail on the head, at least from my perspective, when she pointed to “dislike within our own community.”

We’ve been bitching for decades about how str8 society and the mainstream world shits on us, but have we looked at how we treat one another? No, we don’t have to “love” every gay out there – some are admittedly obnoxious or just plain dumb – nor are we obliged to go to bed with every person who stalks us.


But there is something called mutual respect.

I mean how many times have you, or your buddies, or me for that matter, been guilty of this:

Criticizing what other people look like without looking first in the mirror.

If you’re older, criticizing the twinks (hey, remember they’ll be paying your Social Security) or the twinks laughing at the old men (you’re gonna be there some day too, buddy, and sooner than you think in an era when the milk and honey days for the U.S. have come and gone,)

Leaving a hook-up date high and dry instead of letting him know (and not ten minutes before) that you can’t make it, for whatever legitimate or made-up reason.

Blatantly lying to a guy (because it’s just easier) that you’d like to hook-up again when you have no intentions of doing so. Just say it – “Thanks, but I’m just one of those one fuck wonders.”

Looking at a guy who complements you in public like he had shit on his face because he’s not your type, instead of graciously accepting the complement, even if he’s a troll, and moving on. Remember, those pretty boy genes were just a roll of the dice; or maybe your uncle is a plastic surgeon.

Feeding a ‘ho or meth head’s silly vapid ego when they boast about all the shit they did, instead of feeling sorry for them and saying so.

Constantly bitching about all the silly crap in your life without realizing you might have it pretty lucky after all. (Meet my buddy, Vinnie, handsome, intelligent – and permanently paralyzed by a rare viral infection.)

Until we “respect” one another, we will never deserve the respect we think the rest of world owes us.

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