Another Installment of My Gay Advice Column, “Go Ask Daddy”

Buddy: I’m negative and have always practiced safe sex but now I’m meeting guys who want to fuck unwrapped and say it’s okay because they’re on Truvada, that new anti-HIV preventative, or , if they’re poz, they’re “undetectable” and show me studies that prove a neg can’t be infected bare backing with an undetectable poz.

Shit, it’s confusing! What should I do?

Daddy: First, I congratulate you for being a safe sexer. Most guys, even from the time AIDS first reared its ugly head, aren’t.

Truvada, which has been used for years as a drug for treating AIDS, does what it says it does. But the big but is guys in controlled trial drug studies weren’t fully compliant in taking the med like they were supposed to do. So could you expect any better from the so-called Truvada “whores,” guys out there who love to get laid and are supposedly taking the med to get laid AIDS-free?

As for recently released studies that found that there is no – not slight – but no chance that a negative guy can get HIV from a poz partner whose viral load is “undetectable,” the results seem solid. In both studies, the men did not use condoms and the HIV negative partner was not on Truvada. Over 30,000 sex acts revealed ZERO transmission. The poz guys had been on antiviral meds for at least five years and ninety percent had healthy T-cell counts.

In the end, though, you have to trust the guy is telling you the truth. You, not he, have to decide for yourself if you want to fuck with a sleeve or without one. Asking the guy if he’s negative or negative and taking Truvada or poz with an undetectable viral load and making your decision based on his answer is like asking an ISIS terrorist with an American passport if he’s got a bomb shoved up his butt when he boards that jumbo jet bound for New York.

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