Testosterone Therapy: Five Years Later

Testosterone Therapy: Five Years Later

I think most if you know that a guy’s testosterone levels begin taking a nose dive once he reaches 30. Well, it’s been five years since I started doing something about it, at a rather advanced age, first with a cream that predated Androgel that I got from one of those health jock centers in Palm Beach that subsequently got shuttered for selling steroids. When my gay doc here in Fort Lauderdale told me that my hirsute nature was actually working against me and converting Mr. T to Mz. E (estrogen), I switched to pellets implanted about twice a year in my butt. One of my buddies shoots himself up every week but I just can’t do it (I guess that kills my chances of becoming a heroin addict) and I find the pellets, which keep you Mr. T high for 5 to 6 months, convenient and something you don’t have to worry about.

The problem is the jury is out just what your levels should be. Some, not all experts, say a typical 25 year old male should be around 800, but my doc, who I trust, likes to keep me at 1200; too much over that and you may be playing with fire when it comes to prostate issues. (Mr. T fuels prostate cancer which is why it is almost always fatal in a guy under 40.)

The major negative about pellets is that while Androgel and T shots are covered by insurance, pellets are not.

But, okay, bottom line, does all this do any good? When it comes to my libido and energy levels, I think it’s been a draw (maybe I was just an oversexed Type A to begin with, ya think?), though I do notice a bit of a drop-off in my interest in men and sex about the time I’m due for another implant. (Hey, maybe that’s not such a bad thing.) I’ve gotten over my sudden spikes in anger like the time I nearly came to blows with a guy in the twenty items or less aisle in Wal-Mart because he had 22. But I have definitely seen the difference two ways: I’ve gotten hairier – like I need more hair – anybody need a transplant? – and I’ve gotten leaner and meaner in the muscle tone department.

But judge for yourself. The first pic was taken in 2008, the second a month ago. What do you think?




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