Disney Gay Days: Gayploitation

Disney Gay Days: Gayploitation

Disneyworld Gay Days, happening this week, is another example of gays being exploited by Corporate America – and liking it.

As Pier Angelo, a columnist for my local South Florida Gay News, put it plainly: “Gay Days is not sponsored by Disney. In fact, they emphatically refuse to acknowledge the gathering actually happens … many inside (the Disney Corporation) dread its arrival every year (since) it’s a political land mine.”

That’s because, despite its very discrete liberal slant when he comes to giving money to very unconservative causes, and even featuring gay characters in its TV productions, first and foremost Disney knows as a family-oriented business it desperately needs to protect its wholesome family image, and once Gay Days descends upon it so do protests from the Religious Right, the last kind of PR Disney wants, even if they claim they have nothing to do with it.

At the same time, again from a business standpoint, Gay Days in early June couldn’t come at a better time for the Orlando megapolis. Winter vacation tourists are largely gone and the out-of- school-for-the-summer family junkets are still weeks off. Gay Days, whether Disney acknowledges it or not, means millions in additional revenue.

Now you would think that Disney might be grateful for the organization that puts Gay Days together (for a profit, of course) and drops the parks and associated businesses like the hotels a bulk slab of business by offering discounted park tickets or hotel rates to its participants.

But that would mean Disney acknowledges Gay Days do happen. Heaven forbid.

Yet, gay boys and girls flock there each year in ever increasing numbers, naively convinced Disney truly loves them.

It doesn’t.

At least not them. But certainly their discretionary income.

As I’ve said too many times, all this new tolerance and acceptance of our kind may be more the result of the pragmatic realization by mainstream society that we’re a goldmine to mine, than that we should all “just getta long.”

But hey, as they say, it’s a free country. So, go have fun with your brothers and sisters from across the country and around the world, cavorting in an environment which is even more fantasy than most of our love lives today, thanks to the “marvels” of virtual sex.

Just don’t – please don’t – kiss Mickey Mouse’s ass.

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