Do Transgenders Belong in OUR Sandbox?

Do Transgenders Belong in OUR Sandbox?

Both the mainstream and gay media are making a big deal about Bruce Jenner’s transformation, probably for titillation purposes. But okay, what Jenner does is his business, even though some jaded folks out there think he’s on the publicity bandwagon because he’s an egomaniac. Evidence: that Vanity Fair shoot where I must admit “Caitlyn” is a hot smokin’ chick.

Then there’s the case of transgender girl-to-guy body builder and model Aydian Ethan Dowling (seen here – a hottie, transhuh?) who’s in the running for the next “Ultimate Guy” on the cover of “Men’s Health,” like there aren’t enough hot biologic men with heroic life stories to tell.

Again, what people do to be happy – as long as they don’t rape old ladies or young boys – is their business. But my question is: why are they in OUR sandbox?

After all the commotion and cutting and splicing, they go on to lead essentially heterosexual lives. Aydian is married – to a woman.

That’s not the lifestyle of us who love our own sex and who still encounter hatred and discrimination even in this enlightened age. Why should either gay guys or gay gals feel any bond or connection to individuals who actually hate and deny the sex they were born into. I mean what gay guy would voluntarily have his dick and balls surgically removed, huh??

Gay men and women are happy being the sex they are, in fact, relish in it; but the big and maybe only difference between most of us and str8s is that we are sexually aroused by our own sex.

Now follow my thinking here: Transgenders mentally think they are the opposite sex and are looking for their physical body to match their psyche. Consequently, they are NOT homosexual, but actually a variation of heterosexuality and they belong, abet a fringe element, in str8, not gay culture.

So again I get back to my original question: why are they in OUR sandbox?

I’m fucken tired of our own over-the-top politically correct gay media willingly lumping all of society’s so-called sexual outliers together. They only help to perpetuate in many mainstream minds that somehow we’re all a bit strange.

Let transgenders find some other sandbox to play in.


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