Is Log Cabin Republican An Oxymoron?

Is Log Cabin Republican An Oxymoron?

Hey, when I relocated to Fort Lauderdale going on thirteen years ago, I registered Republican because I have a rather conservative blue collar streak (even if I hold two degrees), but I really vote as an independent for the candidate who’s going to do the most good for me, not just gay me, but middle class tax paying me.

Now I’ve said more than once that if there was a candidate who was anti-gay but pro-economy, I’d probably be for him – or her – over some airhead just because he says he likes us.

But what gives with these Log Cabin Republicans? Other issues like the economy, immigration and terrorism aside, every current potential Republican candidate running or soon to run for the Pub’s Presidential nomination is against gay marriage and us. Sometime it’s big time, like with Carson (a black conservative and a likely VP choice, at the very least, to attract the minority vote) who thinks we choose to be homo; or Santorum, who likened homosexuality to bestiality; to more devious, smooth talking jive from guys like Rubio – the current front runner – who says he isn’t against gay marriage, but stands behind traditional marriage and feels the whole gay rights issue should be left up to the states, not the feds. (Or “these” United States of America, like we were referred to before the Civil War.)

One Log Cabin Republican, in his defense of a letter sent to one of south Florida’s gay papers which followed much the same theme as this blog, cited Big Daddy and Patron Saint Ronnie Reagan as counting dying, closeted Rock Hudson as a friend. So, who gives a fuck? First, how many guys died because of Reagan’s inaction? (I know – I was there.) And secondly, what relevance does all this have today?

I mean, there’s a lot more at stake than just gay marriage, which frankly may only affect a minority of us. (Like I’ve said before, I think most gays couldn’t care less.) There’s still much to be done when he comes to equal rights under the law in housing, employment, yea, taxes (where singles are subsidizing str8 married couples’ fucking) and a shit load of other issues that could go retro if a Republican occupies the White House and has a Republican dominated Congress neatly in his back pocket.

And while some are raising the religious freedom flag, civil rights – the fact we are all equal under the law – usurps everything else. If we are expected to pay our taxes and abide by the same laws as everyone else, then, fuck it, we should have the same rights as everyone else.


So for a gay man or woman to vigorously support any one of the current motley crew of Republicans salivating to be Numero Ono to me is not just naïve – it’s treasonous.

Any Log Cabin Republicans out there to tell me different?

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