Here’s another Installment of My Gay Advice Column, “Go Ask Daddy”

Here’s another Installment of My Gay Advice Column, “Go Ask Daddy”

Buddy: I thought we were head over heels in love when, after dating a month, Freddie and I moved in together in a new apartment right in the heart of it all. But less than a month later, I found the slut mining the hook-up sites, where he soon found a new cutie and moved out. My heart is broken but I got a much bigger problem: the one year lease was in my name only. How can I get him to pay his share?

Daddy: They say love is blind, right? Well you were too for not protecting your own interests by making sure both your names were on the lease. Outside of beating the shit out of Freddie and his new cutie, there’s not daddy 2 (3)much you can do about it if he tells you to go fuck yourself. Sure, you can take him to small claims court but it’s probably not worth the trouble.

So what can you do?

Talk to the landlord and see if he can let you out of the lease as soon as he finds a new tenant; or find a roommate; or find a roommate with benefits; or fast fall in love again.

Long term, I hope you’ve learned your lesson and from now on whenever you enter into any kind of financial commitment with another guy, both your signatures are on the bottom line. Whether it’s the neutering bill for your new pooch or a hundred thousand dollar mortgage. If he hesitates or refuses, even for legitimate reasons, don’t do it, unless you’re certain you can comfortably handle the debt on your own. And never, never be the co-signer on his loan; if the guy skips town, you’re the one holding the bag.

I know one guy who had to file for bankruptcy when his partner suddenly died and everything was in my friend’s name only.

My partner and I have always shared in our mutual financial responsibilities while keeping our personal finances separate (important, important). When G was out of work for a while, I offered to pick up the mortgage. But he refused and continued to honor his commitment even while collecting unemployment. So, yea, it can happen.

We all are allowed to be jerks at least once; but the second time around, you’re just stupid.

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