Are you Ready For My “Been There, Done That” Quiz?

Are you Ready For My “Been There, Done That” Quiz?

Yea, I‘ve been around the block more than a few times, seen it all and done most of it. Been a Sunday school teacher and a rentboy. Been a white collar professional and done porn. Was almost kept by a Mafia millionaire and almost hooked on meth by a few broke boys. Wanted to kill a couple of guys for jilting me and have thought of doing myself in more than once.

I’m not saying that coming out with a high score on my quiz makes you a better person – hardly. But it certainly makes you an interesting one.

Are you a solo kinda guy who just goes for the sex and has little interest in an LTR?

Do you not leave your place even to pick up milk til you’ve checked the mirror at least half a dozen times?

Have you done drugs stronger than grass or poppers while having sex?

Do you take junkets primarily to score not for the sights?

Have you done porn?

Do you watch porn a lot?

Are you a hook-up sites/ phone apps junkie?

Have you ever been an “escort” by the hour or been “kept”?

Do you like your sex on the rough side?

Have you jilted a few guys along the way?

If you answered yes to:

7 to 10 questions, congrats, you’ve just been inducted into the Pigs of America Hall of Fame.

4 to 6, you’re a shy yet dirty-minded fuck who needs a daddy to show you the way.

1 to 3, you need to start your own congregation of God fearing gayboys.

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