So Would You Do It?

Would You Do It?

So now we got it – would you do it?

Marrying another guy (or gal if you’re one of my female fans), that is. It’s great that we’ve been finally recognized, at least in this arena, as equal under the law. But tell me I’m wrong when I say most gays really couldn’t care one way or the other.

Now, believe it or not, George and I have been together, through thick and thin, for forty three years – shit! – (I was a child bride) and I’ve asked him a number of times over the last couple of years about getting married for all the obvious financial and legal reasons. Most of our family members are gone except for my sister and some adult nephews and nieces on both sides, and we’re retired and so don’t face the usual stigmas some younger guys might face in their personal and professional lives. And bear in mind, I’m the one with the money (G is my 77 year old boy). I mean, even before the Supreme Court’s ruling, all we’d need do was travel across the border from our summer home in PA to New York State and get hitched. Yet G’s stubborn macho ego refuses to budge.

So take my little, totally unscientific poll, would ya? Now that we got it, would you do it?

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