The Next Frontier?

The Next Frontier?

Okay, it looks like marriage equality is a home run even if we may still have some resistance in a few states to fall into line. But from my perspective, the far more critical issue is removing discrimination when it comes to housing, employment and other public accommodations. I mean, if you can’t rent an apartment or eat in a restaurant or get or hold a job because The Man doesn’t like homos, what good is a marriage license?

Believe it or not, in these supposedly enlightened times, less than half the states have anti-discrimination laws on the books which means we have no recourse if we feel we’re being shit on in the workplace and more. And with not only some states but the Supreme Court itself protecting the rights of companies to discriminate based on their religious convictions, this might be the far harder battle to win.

What is especially insidious is that this kind of discrimination is difficult to prove. When some swanky eatery gives you and your partner the shittiest table next to the kitchen, or you sense a job interview going nowhere from some Bible beating str8, or your new Born Again Christian boss makes your work life hell, or suddenly that house you were told on the phone was available suddenly becomes unavailable fifteen minutes later when the two of you show up, how can you say for sure it’s because they think you’re gay?

Okay, last year the President issued an executive order which stops companies that do business with the feds from discriminating in hiring based on sexual orientation, but for much of the rest of the American landscape, we’re naked to the wind, when we really don’t wanna be.

Stay tuned for Season 2 of “As the Gay World Turns …”

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