Here are the Results of Monday’s “Would You Do It?” Survey

Here are the Results of Monday’s “Would You Do It?” Survey

Get married, that is. While almost everyone who responded to my little survey said they would marry if the guy was right for them, twenty percent of you said you still preferred the free and open lifestyle of a gay man, so there seems to be some contradictions going on here. (Surprise – surprise.)

Also reflecting what I believe are some stigmas still attached to being gay, even in these so-called enlightened accepting times, a third of you would hesitate about marrying another guy for fear of the fallout with family, str8 friends or job.

So just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s for everybody.

Some Other Bits and Pieces … Some clerks in the marriage license offices in predictability a few of the Southern states are balking about issuing same sex marriage licenses because of their own religious beliefs. Then have a clerk who doesn’t give a fuck handling SSM’s – not everybody in the agency can be a Holy Roller.

Plus, I’m a Lutheran who’s for abortion and family planning who worked for a Catholic hospital system for over thirty years, and when I put my ID card on, I towed the company line. That should be even truer for employees of secular, public agencies. If your religious beliefs are that comprised, get another job.

… All this wailing about the Confederate flag following the North Carolina church massacre is just diversional tactics. What we should be focusing on is some common sense gun control.

As far as the NRA and the Second Amendment goes, have you read your Constitution lately? Here’s the amendment in its entirety: “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” When our holiest of holy documents was written, most Americans lived in the sticks and had no one to defend themselves but themselves.

I think we’ve come a long way since then – or have we?

… Swinging Richards, Lauderdale’s biggest male strip club, closed its doors for the last time last weekend. Was it a victim of the “Wilton Manors Syndrome?” If a place isn’t within a mile radius of the Alibi, our landmark bar, it has less of a chance of success, and Richards was located in an industrial park a whole twenty minutes away from Wilton Manors in Pompano Beach. Or did it suffer from the “New Meat Syndrome?” You know, not enough fresh bare asses up on the stage to keep things interesting and guys coming back for more? Who knows?

… if you were working in the 80’s and 90’s, the water cooler talk often led to how European workers were so much better off than us with their fat pensions they could take sooner and their six week vacations. Well, look what happened to Greece.

There’s no free lunch.


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