My Two Davids

My Two Davids

At an age when most gay men are content to have their TV remotes in their crotches, I’ve enjoyed a second gay career as a Daddy. So I’d like to tell you about two younger guys I recently fucked, my two Davids. Both masculine and sports minded, they confessed to me they were sexually attracted to older guys since they were kids. Yet my two Davids couldn’t be more different if I had made them up for one of my books.

Only I didn’t.

David I, 38, a dead ringer for a young Kevin Cosner, is a Jersey boy whose parents moved to Fort Lauderdale when he was just a tot, and became HIV poz at eighteen in the early nineties when the word was long out what caused AIDS. He was just a junior in high school and living at home. Two years later, he was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma which had spread throughout his body. Yet after intensive chemo and radiation, he miraculously survived.

Others might have taken this as a sign to do something with their lives, but David instead became a flicker or gay nomad, first living in San Francisco, then San Diego and then moving back to Florida, where today he shares a condo with a sugar daddy, collects his disability check and works part-time as a clerk in a gay clothing store. Into sports since his teens, he used to play in the local gay softball league, but has since given it up. A chain smoker, furry David spends his off time now getting drunk, getting fucked by daddies like me, snorting coke and smoking meth, occasionally wondering out loud if things might have been different if he had gone back to school.

David II, who just turned 27 when I met him vacationing here in Lauderdale, is a chemist for one of the mega pharmaceutical companies back in Boston. A smooth red-haired boyish “ginger” jock who came from a family of jocks, David won a hockey scholarship to one of the East’s major universities and still plays in his spare time. That is when his furry butt, about the only hair on his swimmers build bod, isn’t getting fucked by his dads.

Unlike addict David I, my David II has no need for drugs or an LTR this time in his life, and loves role playing in bed. His game plan is to start buying up cheap real estate here as an investment so that someday he can retire early like his favorite Florida dad, Furry Daddy Ray who he’ll be visiting again this fall.

So who would you choose as your boy?


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