The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good …

Look, I’ve said it before: I view our winning anti-discrimination laws in the workplace and all the rest even more important than winning the gay marriage fight. After all, you can’t live on love.

Well, the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has ruled that existing federal law prohibits employment discrimination against federal workers based on sexual orientation. It’s hoped that this will trickle down to private employers, too, since history has shown that Commission rulings have been highly effective in influencing court decisions.

Still to be won is much broader anti-discrimination protection when it comes to housing, public accommodations, (example: restaurants) and education which could happen soon if Congress passes the Employment Non-discrimination Act which, despite its name, covers all bases.

The Bad …

Didn’t I tell you if gay marriage went legal, polygamists would be next in line? Well, it’s already happened in Montana where a man wants to be legally married to both his “wives.” Montana says no, claims the Supreme Court’s ruling did not expand the number of people in a marriage. Remember, not too long ago, states said two guys couldn’t marry either, so we shall se.

BTW, some exec as a joke put up on his Facebook page that he wanted to marry his male dog. His employer apparently didn’t find it that funny and fired him.

And the Ugly

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has become the butt of many jokes lately because of his numerous asshole remarks. Well, an enterprise sex toy store, Porn Pulse, has come out with the Donald Trump Butt Plug. Unfortunately he’s such a windbag you may get more gas than pleasure out of him up your ass.

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