A “Real” Top

A “Real” Top

A guy, not bad looking in his late forties, recently hit me up on Daddyhunt and asked if we could meet. I looked at his profile, then responded: “We’re both tops. What’s the interest?”

His reply: “I want to meet a real top.”

My reply: “So what are you? A ‘pretend’ top?”

I mean, categories in this lifestyle of ours have gotten dissected to absurdity. In the day, a bear meant one thing: a humpy, beefy, usually hairy, masculine guy. Today, we’ve got bears (the Jennie Craig failures who Chubby Chasers get hard-ons for), muscle bears (usually steroid junkies) cubs, otters, and who knows what else.

In the day, you had butches and fems, then the terms were softened to sound less judgmental and became tops or doms and bottoms or subs. Now you’ve got total tops (basically guys that like to fuck and only fuck, no sucking your cock, sometimes not even touching you); total bottoms (who lay there and want you to fuck them, again with no foreplay to get you aroused); versatile tops who are closet bottoms; and versatile bottoms who will fuck you if your dick is not up to their standards or is not performing.

I’m amazed, though, how many bottoms I’ve had with dongs to the floor, usually rendered useless from Tina, or tops with not much between their legs and not all that thrilling to look at either.

Jesus! No more labels, huh? Let’s just play Russian Roulette. Whip ‘em out and see who and what takes over.

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