The Next Frontier: Yes, Penis Transplants!

The Next Frontier: Yes, Penis Transplants!

Yes, now with the miracle of microsurgery, penis transplants are very much in the realm of possibility. In the beginning, they may be reserved for boys who’ve lost their tools to botched circumcisions, or guys who have lost theirs to disease (like cancer) or accident (like sadly some of our servicemen whose family jewels were in the wrong place at the wrong time when their Humvee hit a landmine in Iraq). But who knows, in the not too distant future, penis transplants may be available to everyone, with money, of course –men less endowed may even get their insurance to pick up the tab – and hospitals currently conducting transgender surgery may end up with a whole new product line.

I mean, I haven’t followed whether Catlin did “The Final Solution” but if she had, what happened to Bruce’s tool? Did it end up on the cutting room floor?

Will donor cards now have a new check-off: “penis donations permitted?” I mean, say you had a beautiful, big dong that you were proud to show off in the locker room or shove up some twink’s boy butt (“Daddy, take it slow, it’s so thick …”), and regardless of your age (I mean, funny isn’t it, our dicks never seem to look old like the rest of our bodies – give ’em a Viagra and they’re as good as new), you’re suddenly hit by a Mack truck on the way to a trick’s house, and bingo, it’s over. Wouldn’t you want to know your man meat would have a second life between somebody else’s legs and become the new, coveted property of a hot Marine or some millionaire hunk. (Know how many humpy big guys I’ve fucked with dicks the size of my thumb?)

And, who knows, quicker than you can yell, “I’m c-o-m-i-n-g!. Want my load?” you’ll be able to window shop on the internet – – and filter for size, girth, color, cut or uncut … you get the idea.

But hold it – what if your dick doesn’t go to a buddy but one of those female-to-male transgenders. Would you wanna know your baby ended up where a vagina once sat?

Hope that Mack truck hits me quick!

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