My Take on “I Am Cait”

My Take on “I Am Cait”

Again, l’m taking a countercultural stance, but as l’ve said before, l have no issues with transgenders, but l feel they do not belong in our sandbox.

Gay men, regardless of their mannerisms or behavior, are happy being men and look for sex and love with other men. Ditto with gay women and bisexuals who love both sexes as the sex they are.

Transgenders, on the other hand, abhor the body they were born with.

Staying with the male of the species, transgenders psychologically and instinctively think like women to the point they want their physical bodies to match their psyches. Some go on to lead heterosexual lives, others what l would like to call “gender engineered gay.” Like Cait who says she’s still interested sexually in women as her former gender self was, which makes the once hetero Bruce, now Cait, a lesbian unless she’s not telling us the whole truth.

My final litmus test for my argument: as a reasonably, well adjusted gay male, would you willingly have your pensis amputed?

Enough said.

Okay, so what’s my take on the current E! series, “l Am Cait”?

Simply that it could be so much more. Instead it succumbed to the frivolous, undoubtedly for ratings sake which didn’t work. (They’ve been abysmal.) It is a high couture three ring circus, a RuPaul spin-off, and one super ego trip for its supposedly naive, wide-eyed star.

First, as her own new transgender acquaintances have repeatedly reminded her, Cait is living in a “bubble.” Multimillion dollar Malibu mansion by the beach? Sports cars? Hairdressers and cosmetologists and friends with private jets at her beck and call? Give me a break! I don’t profess to be an expert on transgender lifestyles, but l can tell you most are ostracized by their family and friends, beat up or worse, are unemployable, and as the show itself pointed out, often are forced into prostitution to survive, and all too often are poster children for suicide.

When she heard the plight of one transgender who claimed she had been passed over by several nursing schools because of her new life, Cait promised to her show’s producers that she would get the poor gal into nursing school and pay for it. How noble. Message: just throw some celebrity status clout and money at the problem and everything’s fine.

Life doesn’t work that way for most of us.

I’ve been watching the series from its inception, admittedly out of curiosity and to be titillated, and for the most part Cait has been surrounded, or perhaps has chosen to surround herself by “yes men” who adore and patronize her so they can have their fifteen minutes of fame, or by curiosity seekers like the gays at this June’s gay pride parade in New York City who salivated over her like Pavlov’s dog.

The corporate LGBT community keeps describing Cait as “courageous.” Why? She’s obviously a multimillionaire milking her former and current celebrity status for all its worth and doesn’t have to be beholden to anyone. Unlike the typical transgender who, having made the decision to lead life as she or he wants, faces one life hurdle after the other.

That’s why it was refreshing to witness one true moment in this week’s installment when Cait presented herself to a former str8 buddy who was, let’s call a spade a spade, polite for the cameras.

Yea, Cait, not everybody’s gonna love ya or give you their Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, a reality most of us as gay men have faced at one time or another, and who l suspect transgenders face every day of their lives.

So much is made of surface shit, the glitz, the hairdos and dress and makeup and glamour and all the other outer accoutrements of what we view as female chic in American culture. Where’s the substance?

Cait keeps saying she finally can let the inner self trapped within her most of her life emerge but do we ever see it? All l see is a fresh coat of paint and pouty ponderings.

So Cait, drop the fall, ditch the fake eyelashes, and tell me: how do you feel, really feel inside, now that you are what you always wanted to be.

Friday: Rentboy Busted! Unbelievable! (Yea sure.)

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