Rentboy Busted! Unbelievable! ( Yea, sure.)

Rentboy Busted! Unbelievable! ( Yea, sure.)

The only thing I found unbelievable was how long it took the feds to figure it all out. After all, Rentboy’s been around since 1997, even longer than Manhunt. They claim the site is a “virtual pimp”(hot), and “an internet brothel” (hotter), and Homeland Security is even involved since its business crossed state and national borders. Rentboy execs say it’s “a male escort site” and points to all their on-line disclaimers.

OK, so let me get this straight. Men pay these mostly naked or near naked glorious specimens of manhood, many with dongs to the floor, two hundred, three hundred dollars and up an hour to play bingo? Admire their etchings? Compare stamp collections?

Come on, as the old saying goes: if it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck and fucks like a duck …

It’s a duck.

I always wondered how they got away with it when prostitution is illegal. Well, now the jig is up.

Hey – can we talk? – I even wrote a few blogs about my experience as a Rentboy for a month I did as research for my books, “Not In it For the Love,” published by Totally Bound Press, and my forthcoming novella, “Buy Guys,” scheduled for publication in 2016 by Wilde City Press. Even at my advanced age, I had four clients that month, and we discussed world politics or their mousey wives for only about twenty minutes of our hour together. The rest of the time I admired their etchings. Or they admired mine.

But whatever their clients made, Rentboy execs made it in spades. To the tune of TEN million dollars in revenue since 2010. No surprise when the site got half a million hits A DAY.

That’s why I keep preaching, enough of our phony Puritan mentality. Make prostitution legal, make sure the boys and girls are clean, and tax the hell out of it.

What I am curious to see is what the ripple effect will be. I guess the rip-off, look-alike, sounds-like sites will shutter their servers for fear of prosecution and get out of Dodge. But what about all those “male escort” and “masseur” ads that sprinkle the hook-up sites or all the gay rags? You think maybe these legit businesses will cease and desist accepting them, afraid they will be branded illicit sexual accessories?

Well, I guess the real losers are the boys who will now have to go back to flipping burgers at McDonald’s to pay their smartphone bills or their meth dealers, and their clients who turned to them for recreational sex at a price. Now these poor souls will have to beg for it.

Like the rest of us.

One thought on “Rentboy Busted! Unbelievable! ( Yea, sure.)

  1. sally1627

    you are every bit of what it is to be a good man.I am smooth,248 lbs. and 58 years old.If I had to pay you to fuck the living hell out of me-so be it.

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