Sex CAN Be Good for You

Sex CAN Be Good for You


Well, according to the results of a ten year Harvard study begun in 2004, men who shoot their loads more than 21 times each month have a significantly lower incidence of prostate cancer than guys who don’t. That includes whether you had a roll in the hay or played with yourself at one in the morning, salivating over the pics of the some guy in Dubai on Growl’r. And since it’s a fact we gay guys get more sex on average than our str8 counterparts, l guess being gay and horny can be both fun and healthy. (Just as long as you don’t brag you have the STD of the month as some guy at the gym who claims he gets lots of sex did.)

The researchers figure cumming releases good hormones, you know like good cholesterol, and cleans out the man pipes of any precancerous shit.

So get out the Elbow Grease and start stroking. In the men’s room, in the car, in the supermarket, in between pulling weeds up in your garden. It’s all good.

What’s weird about all this, though, is that a much older study done in 1981 of career celibates like priests showed that guys who supposedly didn’t have sex at all had a much lower rate of all kinds of cancer than the general male population.

Or were these men of God lying on their survey forms?

A fellow gay guy and buddy of mine who nearly became a priest told me his seminary was busier than a gay bar on a Saturday night. And we all painfully know about all those innocent altar boyz, right? Remember this study was done over thirty years ago when all that shit was still hush-hush.

ORG B-20150914212740And if you don’t want to spend $$$ on generic Viagra, drink lots of java. Researchers at the University of Texas report that guys who drink at least three cups of coffee a day have a 42 percent less chance of not being able to get it up.

Guess that explains why l felt horny in the office when l OD’d on the coffee machine and the only stimulation was my very component secretary who looked like a cross between a bad drag and Big Bird.

2 thoughts on “Sex CAN Be Good for You

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