“Committed.” And on Manhunt!

“Committed.” And on Manhunt!

Look, I’m no saint.

I’ve had a closed relationship with my other half, our own version of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” since he lost interest having sex with me and anyone else and I, well, I still need it, for the ego kick as much as the physical pleasure. In fact, as I’ve said before, now that I’m older I’m getting it even more than when I was young and pretty in my second gay career as a daddy. Meanwhile G is content with his porn.

But Jesus, please don’t be on a hook-up site and describe your relationship with another guy as “committed.” as I swear one guy did. If you’re so “committed,” why are you trolling for other dick and ass?

Hey, men are men, a lot different from male/female connections. Gay relationships come in all varieties, and again I’m the last one to judge.

You’ve got guys who are totally monogamous. God bless America.

You got other guys that only fool around together. That doesn’t last.

And then you got guys who just screw around on the side whether the other half does or not.

Sometimes, one guy’s got his night to play and the other guy has his, like the humpy hairy French Canadian from Montreal who has a condo down here with his partner and who I played with with upmost mutual joy. Other times, the fellow is going out for his “bowling” night while hubby is at home catching up on TCM, only “bowling” is spelled “balling.”

And, yes, you have even true polymorous relationships – genuine long-term threesomes. There must be an app for keeping bedroom duties straight.

But please, don’t use the word “committed” in your hook-up site profile. You’re about as committed as a trick who offers you his fresh bottle of poppers and actually lets you take the first sniff.

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