Another Installment of My Gay Advice Column, “Go Ask Daddy”

Another Installment of My Gay Advice Column, “Go Ask Daddy”

Buddy: Daddy, I’ve been with my guy for just over a year. We get along great, share interests, are both financially responsible, etc. etc., etc. It’s just that we don’t have sex much anymore. I really don’t think he’s fucking around. But I do. He’s also the kind of guy who would not be open to an open relationship. So should I leave all the good behind just because I’m not getting dick, or be hypocritical and screw around without telling him?

Daddy: Whoever said honesty is the best policy was probably living in a seminary. If you have a need, and your partner can’t fulfill that need, what are you supposed to do – give in to his lifestyle? Become a cloistered nun without the habit? Fuck that! But on the other had if he’s non-negotiable when it comes to infidelity, then fuck around but, Jesus, be discreet about it. (Wanna know how may partners down daddy 2 (3)here in Lauderdale fuck around on the side?)

Some tips from a career philanderer:

Don’t have guys calling you – have them text. And need I remind you to have your own phone and know where it’s at at all times (like not sitting next to the coffee maker).

Fit your sexual escapades in before or after the gym, assuming he doesn’t come with you, or before or after work, or on a night he’d rather watch his favorite team on TV. “Going bowling with the boys, honey…”

Understandably you may have to be creative about it. But if your other half has your chastity belt key around his neck, in the end, you have to decide whether you can hack this hacked up lifestyle or be barefoot and free.

In the end, it always has been and remains – your call.

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