Who is Yahoo To Censor What I Can See?

Who is Yahoo To Censor What I Can See?

Recently, I had a question about my ATT Samsung Galaxy smartphone bill and was told by the rep that I was eligible for a much better data plan at half what I was then paying, plus,for ninety-nine cents and an extra ten bucks a month on my bill, ATT would send me a Trek HD tablet. It had wi-fi built right in and operated off the same data plan as my phone. Sounded like a no brainer, so I went for it.

Hey, while I couldn’t make calls or text with the Trek (I guess ATT didn’t want to compete with its own more lucrative phone sales), I’d be able to surf the web quickly, and even do some writing with its “create” app and e-mail my docs to my laptop. Great, right?

Well, it wasn’t as easy to activate the built-in wi-fi as the rep or the directs that came with the tablet led me to believe (is it ever?), but finally I managed to get on only to find that the Yahoo search engine had an automatic “Safe Security” lock on to prevent me from accessing any material it considered “adult in nature,” not just hook-up sites but even my own blog! And when I methodically and repeatedly went through the steps to unlock, nothing changed. It took over an hour on the phone with an ATT rep who didn’t even know what I was talking about and who couldn’t figure a way around it either to finally suggest that I switch to the Goggle search engine. I did – no problems.

But the bigger question is: who is Yahoo to decide what I see? First off, are thirteen year old kids buying phones without their parents knowing? Secondly, shouldn’t there be a parental warning when your turn the phone on the first time with instructions should you wish to set the “Safe Security” lock? Who is Yahoo to automatically assume that we all have little kiddies with nimble fingers and decide to censor our devices?

That’s a rhetorical question ’cause we all know they’re the ones in control: the AOLs and Yahoos and the Googles that shove ads down our throats before we can access material, skew the order of our searches by who pays the most for their position, or who flood our e-mail inboxes with sports gear spam because we ordered fishing hooks from an outlet in North Dakota? (Wanna know how many messages for generic Viagra I get every day, after I ordered the magic pill on-line)? Or Microsoft that pirates your laptops for “updates” while you in the middle of something? Exactly what are those “updates” all about, huh? Or Facebook which sells our info to the highest bidders?

Getting back to my original gripe, beside being time consuming and frustrating, these “Safe Security” locks are discriminatory and a violation of my Constitutional rights of free speech.

What next Big Brother? It’s beginning to make George Orwell’s futuristic novel, “1984” look like a walk in the park.

And we have nobody to blame but ourselves.

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