Ben Carson and Company Are Dangerous – For Us

Ben Carson and Company Are Dangerous – For Us

Why do I say that?

Point 1:

Despite a lackluster performance in the last Republican candidate debate, Carson remains number two in the polls. That’s because he’s the wet dream of the extreme Conservative arm of the party, the Tea Party. He’s black, which means he may garner the minority vote that the Republicans lost the last election to, even though as a retired pediatric neurosurgeon who’s run nothing and is vague as hell in his policy statements, he has more in common with the One Percenters than the average African American. Plus he’s among the most homophobic of all the current candidates who thinks we enter a voting booth at thirteen and choose gay as our sexual orientation. He also is no scholar of the Constitution and thinks that only a God fearing Christian should be President. My prediction: at the very least, he becomes the Party’s Vice Presidential candidate.

Point 2:

John Boehner, the Speaker of the House who just resigned, may have been no bastion of liberalism, but the Tea Partiers practically came when they heard he was leaving and will do all they can to replace him with a super conservative on their wavelength, if not one of their own.

Point 3:

It looks like moderate centralist Hilary may have cooked her own goose with her email server scandal and possible mishandling of Benghazi. And while l would still vote for her, her attempts to come across as just one of the girls like her recent stint on Jerry Fallon have rung hollow. She still sounds and looks aloof and elitist. So could Bernie Sanders, a self-avowed socialist, who’s giving Hilary a run for her money in the polls, win the Democratic nomination? Can you honestly see the majority of Americans voting for a Super Liberal? I don’t know about you but l’m a middle class taxpayer first, tired of being squeezed in the middle, and a gay man second.

So what does this all mean? If a Conservative or Super Conservative homophobic Republican becomes President and is backed by a Super Conservative Republican dominated Congress, watch all the benefits we’ve waited for so long come under scrutiny and possible “revisionism.” (Look what they’re doing to abortion rights.) Remember, too, most of our battles have been won in the Supreme Court and with at Ieast two justices, one liberal, the other the perennial swing vote, ready to call it a day, the next President will have the golden opportunity to set the Court on a conservative course that would last for decades.

So should we be afraid, very afraid? Damn right we should.


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