Str8 Hook-up Sites and Us

Str8 Hook-up Sites and Us

Hey, I’m a career gay man. I don’t know nothin’ about birthin’ babies or hooking up with women online. But based on research from some heavy hitters like the federal Centers for Disease Control, the renown Pew Institute, and the medical journal, Archives of Sexual Behavior, cyber-hook-ups and the behavior they elicit are the same shit no matter what pew you’re in.

One out ten to as high as four out of ten sexually active adults, str8 and gay, rely on the web for casual sex, and, given my own humble observations l think the percentage may even be higher. I’ve said many times that today’s gay bars are largely social, not the cruising dens of old, and according to these studies, it ain’t much different in today’s str8 world. Hey, why go through the mating dance dropping dough on drinks or hefty cover charges for clubs when you can do it all for free in your underwent or less at home on your laptop, or increasing in the palm of your hand, and have a much better chance at scoring?

We gay guys got our Manhunt and Bear 411 and Scruff – well str8’s have their SpeedDate, Grouper and Fling. And the sites and apps go on and on, infinitum.

South Florida has the highest HIV rate among gays in the U.S.? Well, Chelsea, on the west side of Manhattan, once a gay ghetto now Yuppie City, sports the highest syphilis rate among str8s (though gays aren’t far behind), and the experts say both rates are directly attributable to – surprise, surprise – today’s free heeling internet connections where “one night stand,” anonymous, and unsafe sex is glorified. Sex negotiated in curt one line texts often lead to curt one line answers to questions like “You Clean?” (“Sure.”)

Interestingly, while girls may ask their beaus to wrap it up the first time around, second encounters are often raw. Just like with many of us gay boys, girls feel stopping to put on a rubber breaks the spontaneity. And, after all, women are more concerned about getting pregnant and they rely on the pill to do that. Or the morning after pill just in case. Guess what ladies: neither protects from STD’s.

Over-reliance on meds to fix things like syp or gon is a dumbbell mentality that has no monopoly on either sexual orientation, and overuse of antibiotics is leading to new strains of drug resistant germs. My prediction is the same may happen with the HIV drugs that have only a twenty year track record.

So guys, when you’re all alone on a Tuesday night trying to hook-up with some hottie who’s playing games, find comfort in knowing there are probably ten times more str8 fuckers pulling on their dicks going through the same shit with some bitches.

Misery loves company. But that’s why God created porn, right?

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