“It Finally Hit Me …”

“It Finally Hit Me …”

I texted this message to a buddy of mine the other day. If any of it offends some of you, those of you who follow my blog already know what my response would be.

“You know something, Frank, it finally hit me tonight after dealing with the shitheads online like the muscleman with the nine inch beer can dick who wanted me to drive at night to his place in Miami, thirty miles away, to fist fuck him in his sling up to his biceps as he put it, or the steroid muscled poz boys at the gym who give you a snooty look if you wave a casual “hi” with nowhere jobs at 45 and bellies out to Alabama.

Yea, it finally hit me that even though we’re not the prettiest, tallest or youngest guys in the crowd, we’re better than 98% of the guys we encounter.


Cause we’re smart, still sexually attractive, in-shape, HIV neg, don’t have to work anymore, are financial comfortable, and have more sex than the average 35 year str8 guy.

Plus we’re tops in a bottom town.

So to the web assholes or smug gym bunnies, all I can say is:

“Sit on it!”

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