Alice in Wonderland …

Alice in Wonderland …

…where things that were up are down and vice versa. Well, I find that strange set of affairs increasingly the “norm” on the web. Are most of the guys on the web just plain simple-minded, emotionally immature jerks?

Just the other day, a guy with no picture berated me on adam4adam for having posted nude pics. As I told him, this is a hook-up site, not some dating service or virtual buddies site. According to my definition, hook-up means sex and I’m gonna sell everything I got, as admittedly demeaning as it may be. But who is he to lecture me? Frankly these sites should require some kind of self-photo even if it’s of your belly button, otherwise no post. Why should these guys have the right to drool over other guys’ pics and opt out from showing something?

And if you wanna chat or find friends, real or imaginary, go to FB or some gay dating site which still places the emphasis on sex first, then we’ll see … Too many guys are morphing the hook-up sites, originally designed for sex, into “let’s trade holiday recipes.”

And if you want to develop a virtual buddy 1200 miles away (and I emphatically don’t), at least be interesting. Typical online conversation: “Hi sexy, how ya doin’?” says he. “OK, what’s up?” says I.

“Not much,” says he.

Not much!?! What the fuck am I supposed to do with that?

Two messages later, when I don’t respond, he’s playing the same broken record, “Wish I was sucking your cock right now,” or “Wish you were fucking me right now,” Blah, blah, blah. Another fantasy boy.

Meanwhile on FB I post some thoughtful blog and get guys hitting me up to see my dick and get abusive when I don’t. You know damn well you can’t post nude pics on your home page; otherwise the FB nuns will close you down. Is that all you want out of me? See paragraph above.

When I was up in the north east corner of PA over the summer, I’d get hits from guys in NYC (almost none of whom have cars), or Pittsburg or Philly. Would you drive hours and hundreds of miles for a trick you haven’t met? I wouldn’t, yet I get the impression these guys would. Or that they failed eighth grade geography. And when I’m down in Lauderdale, they’re in Tampa four hours away, or Jacksonville, even farther.

I love these guys in Australia and Germany and Colorado describing in great detail all the nasty things they’d like me to do to them because (a) they know damn well it will never happen, and (b) they’re jacking off. Meanwhile shout-outs to local guys whether in the boonies where’s there one gay man in a five miles radius or Ft Lauderdale where we practically own the town and where I live go absolutely nowhere.

Has the web and the easy accessibility to porn and pics and dirty talk turned most gay men into virtual voyeurs, totally drenched in fantasy like some silly, romance novel addicted girl, but unwilling to get down and dirty with a guy for real?

Or does everybody have some lofty expectation of what they deserve? I’m reading a profile on bear four one one. (If you read my blogs, you know where I stand on today’s definition of “bear.”) The guy’s 5’9”, 240 pounds, and has a pic up to prove he’s no body builder (which at 5’9” would make the steroid junkie look like some Notre Dame gargoyle). Yet in his descript he says he’s “athletic” Huh???

Or these jerks who run a lead photo of when they were 35, admit to 55, and have a pic buried away in their profile where they look 75. If you’re going to pull a charade, at least be consistent. How silly can an adult man be to post a pic from twenty or even thirty years ago on a sex site?

Or calling yourself a “boi” like one guy who hit me up on Daddyhunt did and you’re 57 and pot-bellied?

The worst part about all this bullshit – ‘cause that’s exactly what it is – is that guys like me who prefer in- the-flesh encounters are settling for the same virtual crap the rest of these jerks are.

By default.

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