Bits and Pieces

Bits and Pieces …

… Don’t ya love it. After making tens of millions of dollars on horny men with money, one of the owners of the now defunct and disgraced Rentboy is looking for donations to mount his legal defense against the feds.

The feds closed Rentboy down because they considered it – OMG! – a prostitution ring. So what kind of legal defense could you mount? What were these mostly smooth Latin hunks with donkey dongs charging guys three hundred dollars an hour and up for? Trade holiday recipes?

… Studies have now confirmed that “Gaydar” really does exist not only in gay men and women, but even in some str8’s. Most of it is an acquired talent based on perceptions of a person’s personality, mannerisms and voice.

But after spending almost a week in the metrosexual capital of the world, New York City, I find it’s getting increasingly harder to tell the difference between str8 boys who sound and act gay, and gay guys who sound and act “str8 acting,” whatever the hell that is anymore.
I remember my gay guy neighbors telling me about a birthday party they went to of str8’s and how they sounded and acted like the only str8’s in the place!

… Hey, I told you Ben Carson was dangerous. Now he’s even beating Trump in some polls. But why??

Listen, I worked with doctors for over thirty years. Besides having egos of children, many of them know nothing of the real world the rest of us live in. They’re just high priced body mechanics.

But beyond being something of an airhead living in 1950’s Ozzie and Harriet America, Carson is a homophobic with a capital H and is totally backward when it comes to social progress and equality. Oh, but he comes across as such a nice, quiet guy. Those are the ones you gotta watch out for.

Now the people responding to these polls are supposed to be would be Republican primary voters. Do they view Carson as the party’s Black Messiah who will win the minority votes the party lost to Obama? Do they honestly think the average African American can relate to a One Percenter?

… One of the oldest male hook-up sites that led the way for everyone else recently changed its Message format to mimic smartphone texting as a way, I guess of attracting the young guys who they are losing to the phone apps like Scruff and Growl’r. Big mistake. Their established customer base – me included – hate the new fucken format and worse, you can’t even delete the “Texts” once their posted.

Looking at my five “Conversations” from guys I have absolutely no interest in and who apparently did not read my profile, I’m asking myself, why should I continue as a paying member? Well, I’m not.

Listen, I use any of the sites I’m on for one purpose: identify guys potentially interested in me or me in them. Once that’s established, I have the guy text me so I don’t have to remain on the site, and we take it from there. Any guy resistant to give me his number I don’t bother with.

Hey, I’m just a pragmatic faggot.

I filed my protest with their support staff and got a neat cheery little canned response thanking me for my feedback but not addressing any of the glitches in the new format. Maybe they think they’re too big to give a damn. Well, Wal-Mart thought that way too till it started seeing its profits siphoned away by the dollar stores.

Yea, you can be too big to fail.

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