I Hope I’m Wrong …

I Hope I’m Wrong …



What happened in Paris should surprise none of us. The powers-to-be sat on their asses when there was an opportunity to squash ISIS like cockroaches with Raid, and now it may be too late. It reminds me of the world’s apathy in the thirties when, against the Versailles Treaty that ended WWI, Hitler gradually built up Germany’s military and armament, and by the time everyone woke up, he was taking over their countries.

Worse we’re fighting a guerrilla warfare now, and remember we lost it in Vietnam and the Russians lost it in Afghanistan.

But what may be most scary about the current state of affairs is ISIS’ new strategy to go after “soft targets,” not airports or military installations or even iconic landmarks, but ordinary places where ordinary people meet. A soccer stadium. A restaurant. A rock concert.

And while the gay population may be a piss in the ocean compared to mainstream str8 society, make no mistake there’s more than one homophobic jihadist or brain dead kid with nothing to lose being brainwashed on some encrypted Islam website as we speak to get – US.

Hey, what’s stopping them, for the good of Allah, from having an undercover suicide bomber (you got to admit a lot of these guys are hotties) from doing a number in some gay venue like a leather fest or gay cruise?

Like I said, I hope I’m wrong.

… “I’m on PrEP” is a phrase being used in more and more hook-up profiles. But can you believe him, when guys in the clinical studies were non-compliant? Just as can you believe a guy when he tells you he’s negative, or that his viral load is indistinguishable which, according to research, means it is totally impossible for him to transmit anything to you?

In the end, whether you choose to do it covered or raw comes down to your decision about taking the risks.

Not his.

…A recent British study revealed that the vast majority of women may actually be bisexual, based on measuring responses such as pupil dilation when they watched str8 and gay porn. This in spite of the majority of women insisting they were heterosexual.

Could the same case be made of str8 men?

The researchers claim lesbians shared much stronger reactions to women (let’s hope so) and men, whether str8 or gay, showed a striking preference to their sex of choice.

But are we totally sure about that?


Sexuality is rarely black and white but often comes in shades of gray.

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