Is the F Word = To the N Word?

Is the F Word = To the N Word?

Hey, we call one another “fag” or “faggot” all the time and think nothing of it. And when I’m the token white at my black barber, the N word is bantered around without a second thought, as in, “Hey, ni**er, how’s your bitch doin’?” But dare the little white boy say it ….

As I’ve said here many a time, after eating shit for thirty years in public relations, I’m at a stage in my life where I don’t take shit, and if somebody bugs me, I speak my mind. If they wanna tell me to go fuck myself, fine, but I’m not holding it in anymore. Someday that philosophy may land me in the hospital, but, I can always shout out at that point, “Go ‘head, hit me, and you’ll be up on elder abuse charges!”

I say all this to set the stage for an incident that happened last week. I was at the mini-mall where Crunch, my gym, which has become mostly gay and is beginning to hurt its str8 business, is located along with, among other things, a Sav-A-Lot supermarket where I buy odds and ends when visiting Crunch.

It so happens I was about to enter Sav-A-Lot when a kinda white Chevy worth about seven dollars and ten cents in the Blue Book went barrel-assing pass me on the main road of the mall which should have speed bumps but doesn’t, and screeched to a halt in front of the nail salon. Now besides the gym and supermarket and nail salon, there’s a soccer gym for kids and a laundromat. Translation: lots of pokey pedestrian traffic.

As the tall black woman with the skinny jeans and orange hair bolted out of the car, I yelled over, “You’re going too fast!”

To which she yelled back with a grimace, “Who the fuck are you to talk to me?”

To which I repeated, “You’re gonna too fucken fast!”

Ignoring me at this point, she ran into the nail salon for whatever (maybe she was checking to see if her man or her bitch was there getting a pedicure with his or her new girlfriend), as I entered Sav-A-Lot for my skim milk and tomatoes.

A minute later, while I was at the front of the store by the produce, she stopped her car at the sliding door entrance and shouted, “Fuck you, faggot!”

Do you think my short gym shorts and low cut tank top had anything to do with it?

As I said, if somebody wants to tell me to go fuck myself after I’ve told them what I think … yea, but calling me the “F” word stung for about a minute. Shit, she sped way so fast, I didn’t have a chance to yell back, “Yea, but I still get more sex than you do!” or “So it’s okay for me to call you a ni**er now?”

And that’s when it hit me. Today, in our overly politically correct world, where they wanna rewrite “Huckleberry Finn,” people get fired, or their careers ruined, if they use the N word in public (even Obama got scolded), “faggot,” well, using it doesn’t quite have the same dire consequences, at least not yet.

So I ask you. Don’t you think using the F word is just as hurtful and insulting to us as using the N word is to African Americans, or do people rationalize it all by pointing out race is something you can’t change but behavior is?

What do you think?

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