Calling The Kettle Black

Calling The Kettle Black

Kyle thinks l’m too negative, too cynical. I view things differently and consider myself a realist, a pragmatist. But then again maybe he’s right. Maybe because l’m older than him and have had more life experiences that have made me the so-called cynic he sees.

On the other hand, I’ve had two successful professional careers, am financially comfortable, physically fit and still attract guys old enough to be my son. And l’m generally content with my life despite all the bullshit I see around me.

Kyle is a high school drop-out, pushing forty, who filed personal bankruptcy a few years ago for a lousy ten grand, and currently works a minimum pay job when he isn’t a borderline alcoholic, chain smoker and full blown druggie. Coke, grass, meth, take your pick.

But, according to him, l’m the one who’s fucked up.

Jerry on Bear411 sends me a message questioning whether the hard cock pics posted on my profile are really mine. “They are,” l respond honestly and simply, determined not to get into a pissing contest with Jerry who’s 5′ 10″ and three hundred forty six pounds, a walking cardiac time bomb, and has only one pic up on his profile, fully clothed in a moo-moo shirt.

But okay…

As we get into our virtual conversation on Manhunt, Dennis, on learning of my philandering, berates me for fucking around on the side in a relationship that has spanned over four decades with a guy no longer interested in sex but still jealous about my wanderings which sometimes crimps my style. But given the fact we’ve buried nine family members and ten dogs, had a few economic ups and downs and our share of health crises, we somehow still muddle through life together.

Dennis, the purist conservative and relationship expert who only believes in total monogamy, has had three “LTR’s” in his life, none lasting more than a year. And P.S., at 57 sleeps on his brother’s couch and can’t pay his cell phone bill. (I know, money ain’t everything, but try living without it.) But preach on, Dennis, preach on.

Isn’t it funny the biggest critics of others are people who ignore their own shortcomings? Is it that by deflecting their faults by pointing fingers at others they can avoid focusing on their own?

That is if they even think they have any.

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