Web Deceptions: And You Think It Only Happens With Us

Web Deceptions: And You Think It Only Happens With Us

This appeared in the sex advice column of a recent issue of Men’s Fitness:

“Q: l’m tired of going on Tinder (a str8 hook-up site l guess) dates and finding out the girl’s pictures don’t live up to reality. How can l screen profile pics better? And what should l be looking for?

A: People tend to put their best foot – and face – forward when online dating… This may mean posting pictures that are very flattering but don’t necessarily reflect what someone looks like all the time or even lately… Any girl you’re meeting won’t be quite as hot as her picture – and if she is, then it’ll be a nice surprise.

But in general, if she doesn’t include full body photos or if the pics look like she really had to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find them – they’re grainy or look like she cropped herself out of a big group picture or show her, say, too young to drive – let that be a red flag.”

Sound familiar?

But there was one other piece of advice MF’s sex therapist gave to that same question:

“I hope you’re not basing your entire dating strategy on looks. (How many of us gay guys do?) Yes, you need to feel attracted, but attraction can build over time … (How many of us have the patience to let that happen?) And attraction can also fade over time if a girl’s hot but her personality sucks.”

Or the sex gets boring, huh fellas?

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