Bits and Pieces

Bits and Pieces

I apologize for finding humor in what has been a very serious issue, but the Food and Drug Administration has just relaxed its policy regarding gay men giving blood. Back thirty years ago when AIDS reared its ugly head, gay men were banned from giving blood because, after all, HIV was a blood- borne disease.

I remember on 9/11, when I was still working in New York and was at St Vincent’s Manhattan for a meeting that very morning how lines formed around the hospital, the closest facility to Ground Zero, of people wanting to donate blood, and how some gay guys yelled out to me, “Are they taking gay blood, too?”

But what I find absurd in the FDA’s new ruling is that it has decided to replace its lifetime ban with a policy barring donations from men who have had sex with another man in the previous year.

Hell, buddy, if you haven’t had sex in a year, you better turn in your homo license!


Whether Sir Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination, no doubt Rubio and/or Cruz will be in the picture, and both have come out against gay marriage and would end marriage equality if they got into power.

Juxtapose this with Bernie Sanders now running ahead of HilIary in some polls. If by some stroke of lightning, Sanders, practically an avowed Socialist, gets the Democratic nod and not Clinton, we might well have a Pub in the White House.

Scary, huh?

According to the federal Centers for Disease Control, over a quarter of lesbian and gay individuals smoke, compared to just 17% of the str8 population. Like this is some kind of revelation?

I think smoking is the number one worse bad gay habit, and certainly surpasses alcoholism, drug abuse and even over-the-top sex when it comes to addictive behavior.

The CDC and other experts say gays tend to smoke more because of the stress put on them by mainstream society, along with feelings of shame and guilt about their lifestyle. Maybe this was true in the past, but today when things are as open as a seasoned bottom’s butthole, I think smoking is just another way for some of us to feed our addictive tendencies and have something in our mouth.

I’ve also noticed that when a guy smokes, he also drinks too much, digs his meth and coke, and loves piggy, no-holds-barred sex.

Hey, no problem as long as the guy uses breath mints first.

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