What The Results of the Iowa Caucus Mean To Us

What The Results of the Iowa Caucus Mean To Us

Probably nothing. After all, only twice since 1980 has it picked a Republican candidate that went on to win the nomination. And who gives a fuck what a state that is 92% white with a mere three million people think? (Sorry, my Iowa followers.) I wanna hear from racially, ethnically, socially and, yea, sexually diverse California and New York and Texas and Florida which together represent a quarter of the country’s adult population. Hell, there are more people living in South Florida than the whole state of Iowa.

Yet Cruz’s win is troubling since he represents the most conservative (and Bible Beltin’) wing of the GOP, and even the smidgen of a chance self-avowed Socialist Sanders gets the nomination over moderate Clinton (who barely beat him in the Iowa caucus) practically guarantees a Republican in the White House. Wed that with the current movement by the Tightasses across the country to give businesses and other organizations the right to discriminate against us because of ”religious beliefs,” and in a few short years we may lose what it took decades for us to win.

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