Cleaning House

Cleaning House

Well, as one commentator said yesterday, Iowa picks corn, New Hampshire picks Presidents.

We’ll see.

It’s interesting how this time around gays are not a solid Democratic block nor all Hillary lovers. But however the cookie ultimately crumbles, at least the New Hampshire results were based on votes, not coin-tosses, and helped temper Cruz who I find an arrogant, officious, holier-than-thou, conniving fag hater; and, to a lesser degree, Rubio who, while smart and articulate, doesn’t like us either.

Say what you will about Trump, at least he’s beholden to nobody, and for that alone I respect him. And I’m especially happy to see him scaring the shit out of the old guard GOP since he doesn’t need to suck anybody’s ass for their money, and could very well pull off the nomination in the biggest populous anti-politician upheaval since Andrew Jackson. Remember, Reagan was just an actor (noticed how he was lost when his teleprompter screwed up?) but was smart enough to surround himself with people, at least some of them, who knew their shit. Trump could do the same.

As for Hillary losing to Sanders, I think she knew it was a giveaway since New England is his home turf. In my mind she’s the most experienced person for the job, but she’s got to work harder convincing younger voters and, yes, some women, if she’s going to pull it off. If the Dems throw the nod to Sanders, the GOP could nominate Mickey Mouse and win. Sanders has a lot of great ideas but let me ask you, who’s going to pay for them?

I think the first real tests will come when Texas, the second largest state, population wise, and my adopted home, Florida, the third largest state in the country, hold their primaries, Texas on March 1, and Florida on March 12.

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