What Scalia’s Death Means For Us

What Scalia’s Death Means For Us

You know the lyrics to Rihanna’s top ten hits but you don’t know who Scalia was? Get your head out of the gay pop culture sewer and wake the fuck up.

Scalia was a Supreme Court Justice, an arch conservative who was dead set against the Court approving gay marriage, who died in his sleep Friday night. Given his rotund physique it was probably death by pasta. But up to now the Court has been split down the middle, half conservatives, half liberals, with the very independent Justice Anthony Kennedy often providing the deciding swing vote. It was his vote that made gay marriage a reality. So whoever nominates and gets his – or her – pick through the Senate and tips that scale one way or the other, can influence Court decisions long after half of us are dead or drooling in a nursing home, and you young hotties are collecting Social Security. (Scalia was nominated over thirty years ago by Reagan, who won the all-time Oscar as best performance by an actor in the most leading role possible. President.)

If Obama can get the Senate to agree with him, that pick will surely be a liberal. But that’s a plot line out of one of those dewy-eyed gay love stories. That’s because the Republican controlled Senate has already vowed to stonewall him and delay the appointment until the next President who they hope will be one of their boys. If that happens and a tight assed conservative is appointed, liberal causes will have as much a chance of passage as you picking up a hottie in a gay bar on a Monday afternoon.

Or Obama could just appoint someone when Senate is in recess and tell them all to go fuck themselves. He’s got less than a year left, and they’ve fought him on everything else. So what has he got to lose?

Let’s see what happens.

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