“What Did You Expect?”

“What Did You Expect?”

That’s what my very sexy, statuesque married secretary back in my New York City healthcare public relations days who later ran off with my very Catholic, very married CEO would say to me when a doctor or fellow administrator would riel me up on the phone after I hung up and cursed them out.

So, Republican Party who thought you were so smart-assed about finding a candidate who would knock the shit out of Hillary: Well, ya got him, and now the GOP Establishment is scared shitless that Sir Donald (both he and Hil are 69) will be its undisputed nominee. There’s even talk the Establishment may attempt to take over the convention and nominate someone else which means Trump could make good on his earlier threat to run as an independent and hand the presidency over to Hil gift wrapped.

Why this fascination with a guy who answers questions on the third grade level and is the biggest bully since you and little Johnny Kowalski fought over that one pail in the sandbox when you were both four? People are fed up with the career politicians – including Cruz and Rubio – on both sides of the aisle who have done shit. And at least one thing positive you can say about Trump: he’s beholden to nobody.

As far as Marco Rubio being a closet case like some of the gay rags down here in South Florida are implying: What is it about gay guys? They see somebody who’s attractive and who they’re attracted to and suddenly they think he’s gay. Fuck your gaydar. He’s a textbook homophobic who if he has his way would put us all in concentration camps. Besides, I thought Ben Carson who’s finally dropped out the race is cuter, maybe because I like older guys.

In other newsy tidbits worth a laugh:

“STD Surge: Syphilis and Other STDS Nearing Epidemic in South Florida – Condomless Sex Up 20%” shouts the cover of the latest issue of the South Florida Gay News (OMG! No shit!). Page 3: “Winter Party Returns to Miami.” Think there’s any connection? Of course not, all those guys in bikinis are there for a revival meeting.

Lastly, my favorite syndicated advice columnist, Amy Dickinson ran a letter from a woman whose 45 year old brother is getting married to his boyfriend and since he’s broke wants his mother to pay for their $85,000 wedding. Amy’s response: “Grown men and women don’t hit up their mommies to pay for their fancy weddings. Grown people pay for their own celebrations.”

And you wonder why we get a bad rep? These are the same kind of “piss-it-away” guys us working folk are going to be supporting in their own age.

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