The Rentboy Soap Opera Continues

The Rentboy Soap Opera Continues

Remember, last fall how Rentboy was closed down and its owner thrown into jail by the feds because they claimed he was running a prostitution ring? (No shit. Like these humpy Cubans with nine inch dongs were offering language lessons to their clients for three hundred bucks an hour.) Well, the formal indictments were recently released and what was kinky about them (like a convoluted legal case on “The Good Wife”) is that the fact Rentboy warning its stable they were selling their time not their bods and that “offering sex for money is illegal” was proof Rentboy knew prostitution was going on! (Like warning some prospective bf that you don’t do drugs means you know he’s a methhead.)

But what perked my attention was another charge that Rentboy was lax about verifying the ages of male escorts posting ads from Asian countries. Remember, the web is international. I don’t know about you but I get hits from all over the world right here in Lauderdale. So let’s do a stretch here. Say, you like ‘em young, like 18, which I think is the prevailing entry age for all of these whore sites, be they rentmen or adam4adam. You start sexting (‘cause that’s what it is) with your boi, figuring it’s harmless flirtation, and later the shit hits you in the face and you’re told that your 18 year who looks like jailbait is really 15 and you’re being charged with endangering a minor or worse, pedophilia.

Who’s to blame? Your libido or the site for not checking out ages?

It’s not just because I’m not into super young guys. (Most times, when a 21 or under hits me up I immediately block him, no temptation – especially the ones half a world away who say they like you, are into older guys and want to be “friends,” and give you their e-mail and skype number and smartphone #….) I think these sites have an obligation to collect ID info like a driver’s license, especially on guys who claim to be 18 or 19 or 20 and don’t look it.

Or am I just paranoid, figuring, as the world’s great cynic, Daddyhunt won’t pay for my defense?

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