Who The Fuck is Huffington Post Calling Me “Queer?”

Who The Fuck is Huffington Post Calling Me “Queer?”

Hey, we call one another “fag” or “faggot” all the time and think nothing of it. And when I’m the token white at my black barber, the N word is bantered around without a second thought, as in, “Hey, ni**er, how’s your bitch doin’?” But dare the little white boy say it ….

Well, in my mind, the same thing is true with the “Q” word. So who the fuck is the Huffington Post (unless its Great White Mother Huffington is one of us) to change the name of its LGBT site from “Gay Voices” to “Queer Voices?” Maybe using queer is trendy and nasty cute with you younger gay darlings but in my day being called queer HURT. Yea, you got it, HURT. And I think no one – I mean NO ONE – has a right to call us queer in any way shape or form except US. More young guys seem to be acting queer because they think there’s nothing to worry about anymore. Well, when I was young there was plenty to worry about – bullying, beating, harassment, loss of job, abandonment by family, life-long friends, etc. So if you’re under thirty and think the world loves us, stop deluding yourself.

Otherwise I got some Splenda I’ll sell you for your next meth fix.

“Gay” is the best non-pejorative word right now to describe us besides the cold, clinical term, “homosexual,” but “queer,” fairy,” and “fag” belong in the gay history books or playful, often self-deprecating chatter among our own kind, and should not be owned by the mainstream media.

The HuffPost rationalized that the term “Queer” is a more inclusive term than gay to describe the broad “LGBT Community.” (As a gay man, I feel little affinity to cross-dressers, transgenders, and even lipstick lesbians but, hey, that’s me.) So call it “LGBT Voices” then.

My dear Ms. Arianna “My Shit Don’t Stink” Huffington, are you trying to appeal to younger readers? Check the trend folks, us older “queers” if we played our cards right have more discretionary income for your advertisers than Millenniums.

Secondly, would you consider calling your black reports, “Ni**er News” because the “N” word would be more inclusive with bigoted whites? Or your feminist news, “C**t Update?”

Well, would ya?

Now you understand how I feel about the word “queer.”

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