I’m Voting for Hillary, but …

I’m Voting for Hillary, but …

… if the Republican Establishment disenfranchises Trump from becoming their nominee by forcing a brokered (read party bosses driven) convention, he should run as an independent and fuck ‘em all. If Trump won so many states, the people – at least registered Republicans – have spoken. So who the hell is the GOP Elite to deny him? Frankly I’d rather see him than smug, officious Bible Belter Cruz, and Kasick has as much of a shot at the nomination as Howdy Doody (you post Baby Boomers goggle him).

And let’s fucken close the chapter on Hil’s dubious E-mails. Who gives a fuck besides FOX news? The bottom line she is the most qualified human being in America to run this country. Period. A moderate centrist. A former First Lady who didn’t doodle around with the tulips in the White House garden but forged a healthcare plan for which she was laughed at and twenty years later became Obamacare. A United States senator from a major state who later served as Secretary of State, the highest ranking cabinet post. Plus she sleeps (at least some of the time) with a still very popular former President. Who else can come close?

I know some of you may be supporters of Bernie, but, come on now, where the hell is all the money for his grandiose giveaways going to come from? You think it will be limited to just bleeding the wealthy? For those of us gay guys who own a home and have no kids in the picture, aren’t you tired of paying school real estate tax to subsidize str8’s fucking? Isn’t enough enough?

A new poll says that half the women in America don’t like Trump for obvious reasons which may work in Hillary ‘s favor since right now her weaknesses are among the young who probably feel us Baby Boomers fucked ‘em over and are looking for a Messiah (like Bernie) to make their lives easier; and among, interestingly enough, women. (My own blessed mother, dead ten years now, was a feisty, independent bitch but would never have voted for a woman.)

In any case, if the Republican Party remains fucked up, they might as well hand the presidency over to Hil gift-wrapped. And if they stonewall Obama on his moderate nominee for the Supreme Court, I hope Madam President puts in a trans-sexual bi-sexual (Cait Jenner would be perfect) and give ‘em all a fist str8 up to the elbow.

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