Hurrah for Hollywood!

Wednesday: The Results of My Recent Polls. Meantime …

Hurrah for Hollywood!

Disney, 21st Century Fox, Time Warner, Viacom and other giants in the entertainment industry have point blank told Georgia that if it passes a law that allows organizations to discriminate against gays on religious grounds – including even firing gay employees – the state can kiss their business good bye. For movies now shot in Georgia locales, that could mean a loss of up to a billion dollars a year. And the entertainment biggies’ rants don’t include the 400 other companies, many in the Fortune 500, who have voiced similar concerns and threatened to pull their conventions out of Atlanta, along with other economic boycotts.  Even the jocks have joined the fight with the NFL threatening to disqualify the city from consideration as a site for future Super Bowls.

So far Georgia’s Governor has seemed to indicate that he probably will not sign the bill, passed by both houses of the state legislature, interestingly enough on religious grounds and Christ’s philosophy of inclusion. Unfortunately, there are 21 states where corps do not wield as much clout and where such laws targeting us, again using religion as the cop-out, have either passed (South Carolina infamously known for its Confederate flag controversy is the latest) or are being considered. Ironically the passage of same sex marriage nation-wide has fueled renewed fervor to get back at us in a far more devastating way than just denying us the right to wed.

First, I don’t think any gay couples or gay singles would want to associate with a religious entity like a church or a faith-based adoption agency that gave them such flack. By the same token, I’m a firm believer that the equal rights of all citizens under the Constitution usurp any individual or so called “corporate” religious rights.

If organizations who claim to represent Jesus can be so hateful, then take away their tax exempt status, damn it. And for companies that benefit from a shitload of federal business deductions, either stop the bullshit or give those deductions up.

You can’t have it both ways.

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