The Results of My “Should You PrEP” and “How Big Is Too Big” Polls

The Results of My Recent Polls, “Should You PrEP?” And “How Big Is Too Big?”

When it came to PrEPing, the results were almost evenly divided down the middle, with half of my guys saying they planned to use or were already using the new anti-HIV prophylactic, and half not planning to do so at all. Condom-conscious or barebackers, who knows.

As a sidebar to this, a str8 female reader of my novel, “The Czar of Wilton Drive” which features a wild bunch of hedonistic, leather bound meth heads, asked me if interest in BB was in reaction to BB porn. My response: “No, babes, it’s all about hormones and lust.”

In my blog, “How Big Is Too Big?” – l think you know what l’m talking about – almost half my respondents stopped at 8″ when it came to having a sausage sandwich, though an adventurous 15% went for the 10 inch sub. Maybe those are the same guys who brag about having no gag reflex, the lucky fucks.

When it came to prostate massages, a healthy one third wanted ’em big, real big, like 10 inches big. Viva les size queens.

And though more boy babies are staying wrapped as circumcision has fallen out of favor as a barbaric ritual against the defenseless, and foreskin restoration seems to be something of a new kink, two out of three of those polled like their men cut.

Sorry, you au naturale boys.

One of my paramours told me I had a European cut, like him, where those nasty circ-happy  nursery nurses left us plenty of skin. Which means with me I guess you can have it both ways.


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