Right on, Amy!

Right on, Amy!

I sometimes get ideas for questions for my gay advice column, “Go Tell Daddy,” from nationally syndicated advice columnist Amy Dickinson whose column regularly appears in Fort Lauderdale’s Sun Sentinel. This time, however, I’d like to run a column she ran recently verbatim, since it needs no rewrite and is as right on as you can get. (Hope that’s okay with you Amy.)

“Dear Amy: I recently discovered that my son who is 17 is a homosexual. We are part of a church group and I fear that if people in that group find out they will make fun of me for having a gay child. He won’t listen to reason, and he will not stop being gay. I feel as if he is doing this just to get back at me for forgetting his birthday for the past three years. I have a busy work schedule. (Editor’s note: I don’t make this stuff up folks!)

Please help him make the right choice in life by not being gay. He won’t listen to me, so maybe he will listen to you.

Signed: Feeling Betrayed”

This was Amy’s answer:

“Dear Betrayed: You could teach your son an important lesson by changing your own sexuality to show him how easy it is. Try it for the next year or so: Stop being a heterosexual to demonstrate to your son that a person’s sexuality is a matter of choice – to be dictated by one’s parents, the parents’ church and social pressure.

I assume that my suggestion will evoke a reaction that your sexuality is at the core of who you are. The same is true for your son. He has a right to be accepted by his parents for being exactly who he is. When you “forget” a child’s birthday you are basically negating him as a person. How very sad for him.

Pressuring your son to change his sexuality is wrong. If you cannot learn to accept him as he is, it might be safest for him to live elsewhere. A group that help you and your family how to navigate this is Pflag.org.”

Right on, Amy!

So you think the brave new world we live in today is so enlightened and understanding?

Think again.

One thought on “Right on, Amy!

  1. Mike

    How selfish and shallow of that guy to want to put all that pressure on his son just because he himself is worried about being made fun of.
    If he had any idea of the stress that so many young men go through when coming to terms with their sexuality – in a world where so many untrue myths and stereotypes exist around male homosexuality.

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